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Our corporate english language expert trainers will help your employees refine their English skills in a supportive environment. This will lead to increased confidence in expressing themselves, leading to smoother collaboration, improved problem-solving, and ultimately, a more productive workforce.

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At National Learning Group, we understand the power of clear and confident communication. Our bespoke English language training programs are designed to empower your employees, both individually and collaboratively.

Whether you have a single team member or a hundred, we’ll create a program that perfectly aligns with your company’s needs.

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Across the construction, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, clear communication is absolutely critical for safety, efficiency, and project completion. However, language barriers can create significant challenges for teams with multilingual workforces.

Here at National Learning Group, we specialise in helping businesses overcome these obstacles. Our team of professional corporate english language trainers delivers targeted English language programmes designed specifically for the construction, manufacturing, and industrial environments. We understand the unique communication needs of these industries, and we create programmes that equip your employees with practical, real-world skills they can use on the job immediately.

Our online sessions offer flexibility and convenience, enabling employees to learn at their own pace without disrupting their work schedules. Whether they prefer individual attention in one-on-one classes or collaborative group sessions tailored to their team's objectives, we ensure that every participant receives the support necessary to excel in their English language skills.

By investing in our training programs, businesses can anticipate tangible results, including improved communication, enhanced productivity, and increased confidence among employees. With our emphasis on delivering high-quality, impactful learning experiences, we aim to empower your workforce and positively impact your bottom line.

NLG's Corporate English Language Training ensures clear outcomes that directly benefit businesses. Our flexible online sessions allow employees to learn without disrupting work schedules, whether in personalised one-on-one classes or collaborative group sessions. The investment in our programs yields tangible results: enhanced communication proficiency, increased productivity, and elevated confidence. As language barriers dissolve, internal and external communication channels become more efficient, fostering stronger client and partner relationships.

Improved language fluency enhances professionalism, empowering employees to represent their companies with confidence. This not only facilitates smoother collaboration but also opens doors to new opportunities in global markets. NLG's commitment to delivering high-quality, impactful learning experiences ensures a direct positive impact on the bottom line, making the investment invaluable for long-term success.

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Learning formats that suit your needs

Within our valued client base, we cater to companies of varying sizes, from local enterprises to multinational corporations. With a broad industry reach, we boast a sterling track record of delivering exemplary services across cities, regions, and nations.

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Focusing on Compliance and Safety

Health & Safety
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The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to provide a safe working environment for all employees. This can include ensuring employees understand safety instructions and procedures, which might necessitate a certain level of English proficiency depending on the role. The HSE website offers guidance on consulting with employees who have English language difficulties.

If your target audience includes companies with overseas employees, some visa requirements might be relevant. For instance, the Skilled Worker visa requires a B1 level of English proficiency on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale unless the employee has a qualifying professional qualification. Visit the GOV.UK website for Skilled Worker visa information on English knowledge.

Your Ideal Partner For Bespoke Corporate English Language Training

At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to facilitating effective language skills development for both organisations and individuals. If your company is considering language training investment or seeking a new language training provider, we warmly welcome the opportunity to engage with you and explore your specific requirements.

Our clientele often includes HR Directors and Managers, and we take pride in assisting them in ensuring that their teams receive tailored language and cultural training essential for optimal job performance.

Drawing from years of experience and industry best practices, we guarantee that your company’s HR budget allocated for language training yields the highest returns on investment.

Moreover, we offer bespoke pricing options for organisational teams, which we are keen to discuss in detail with you.

To determine if National Learning Group is the right fit for your organisation, please send us an enquiry. We look forward to discussing how our customised training solutions can meet your specific business needs.

Frequently Asked Question

Got a question that we haven’t covered? Please get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer any queries you have.

Our online training is designed for flexibility, accessible from any device with interactive whiteboard features, allowing employees to learn at their own pace without disrupting their daily routines.

NLG offers both one-to-one executive learning and group training sessions tailored to your team’s specific objectives and language proficiency levels.

Businesses can anticipate tangible benefits, including improved communication skills, increased productivity, and enhanced confidence among employees.

Clearer communication fosters efficient collaboration within teams, strengthens client relationships, and expands opportunities in global markets.

Yes, our programs are flexible and can be tailored to address the unique language challenges and goals of your company.

NLG offers ongoing support to help participants maintain and further develop their language skills, ensuring long-term success for your business.