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🎙️ About the Show

Welcome to “Let’s Talk Learning,” the insightful podcast that delves into the dynamic world of education. Join The National Learning Group’s Tutor Team Managers and hosts Amy Allsop, a former primary teacher, and Elisabeth Malone, a former history teacher and head of department, as they engage in candid conversations about all things education.
In each episode, Amy and Elisabeth bring their wealth of experience and passion for teaching to the forefront, exploring a wide range of topics, teaching methods and the latest educational trends and challenges. The podcast also features interviews with education experts, thought leaders, and professionals, offering a diverse range of perspectives on the ever-changing field of education. Whether you’re a teacher looking for fresh ideas, a parent navigating the complexities of modern education, or a curious listener interested in the future of learning, “Let’s Talk Learning” has something for everyone.
Tune in to gain inspiration, practical tips, and a deeper understanding of the transformative power of education. “Let’s Talk Learning” is not just a podcast; it’s a community where educators and learners come together to share, learn, and grow. Join The National Learning Group, Amy and Elisabeth on this exciting journey as they navigate the fascinating world of education, one conversation at a time.

Meet the Hosts

Tutors Team Manager - NLG

Amy Allsop

Amy is a dedicated educational professional with a background as a qualified Primary Teacher and is currently serving as Tutor Team Manager at the National Learning Group. In her current role, she takes pride in overseeing the professional development of tutors all over the UK whilst supporting students to excel academically. Amy strives to ensure that tutors are fully equipped to provide top-quality online education, bringing a passionate approach to the transformative potential of online education.

Tutors Team Manager - National Learning Group

Elisabeth Malone

Elisabeth is a dedicated education professional with over 22 years of experience in teaching history and leading secondary History departments in both UK independent and international schools in the Middle East.
Her expertise includes curriculum development, exam preparation, and academic leadership across a variety of programs, including KS3, MYP (IB), GCSE, IGCSE (Edexcel), A Level, and the IB Diploma. 

🎙️ Episode 4

🤖 In this groundbreaking episode of Let’s Talk Learning, Amy Allsop and Elisabeth Malone, dive into uncharted waters by interviewing an AI Avatar. Breaking the mold of conventional podcasts, they push the boundaries of modern technology to explore the implications of AI in education.

Throughout the episode, Amy and Elisabeth delve into AI’s capabilities, limitations, and potential impact on the educational landscape. From discussing the avatar’s ability to personalise learning experiences to its role in enhancing accessibility and inclusivity, they explore the ways AI can revolutionise education.

🎙️ Listeners are taken on a journey of discovery as Amy and Elisabeth navigate complex questions surrounding the human-AI dynamic. Join NLG’s dynamic duo as they challenge the status quo, and inspire innovation in this groundbreaking episode of the NLG podcast.

🎙️ Episode 3

In our latest podcast episode, “The Future of Education,” Amy Allsop and Elisabeth Malone, our Tutor Team Managers delve into the current state of education post-COVID and speculate on the future landscape of education over the next decade.

Jane Hurd, the first tutor at NLG and Tutor Team Manager, joins the conversation, bringing valuable insights and experiences from her journey in education. Together, they explore key trends, challenges, and potential advancements that may shape the educational landscape in the coming years.

🎙️ Episode 2

In this insightful episode of “Tailoring Education to Individual Needs,” hosts Amy and Elisabeth delve into the complex world of personalized education. Drawing from their own experiences in the classroom, both as students and educators, they explore the evolving landscape of Special Educational Needs (SEN) support, highlighting the increasing demand and the delicate nuances involved in catering to these needs.

Throughout the episode, the hosts interweave their perspectives with expert commentary, offering a comprehensive look at the importance of individualized learning approaches in modern education.

🎙️ Episode 1

In the first episode of “Let’s Talk Learning,” hosts Amy and Elisabeth embark on a captivating exploration of “The Evolution of Online Education.” Drawing from their backgrounds as former teachers, the duo reflects on the generational shifts in technology accessibility and how it has shaped the landscape of education over the years.
The hosts trace the evolution of technology’s role in shaping the learning experience and discuss the profound effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on education. They explore the positives and negatives of this shift, acknowledging the unprecedented circumstances that forced a rapid adaptation to virtual classrooms.

The conversation takes a reflective turn as Amy and Elisabeth recall their own school days, discussing the support they received and how it shaped their approach to teaching. This personal touch adds depth to the discussion, making it relatable to educators and students alike.

The episode then shifts focus to ‘Most Able’ students, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and addressing their unique educational needs. The hosts argue that while SEN students often receive much attention, ‘Most Able’ students also require specialized guidance to reach their full potential, especially in tutoring scenarios.

Bringing the discussion into the realm of online, one-to-one tuition, the episode features an engaging interview with Dani Palmer, a founder tutor at National Learning Group. Dani shares insights from her extensive experience in the classroom and as a seasoned online tutor. She discusses the challenges and triumphs of adapting to the digital education space, and how she tailors her approach to meet the diverse needs of her growing student base.

The First Podcast
The First Podcast
Episode 1 - The Evolution of Online Tutoring and the History of National Learning Group
The First Podcast
The First Podcast
Tailoring Education to Individual Needs with Special Guest Dani Palmer
The First Podcast
The First Podcast
The Future of Education Lets Talk Learning Podcast Episode 3
The First Podcast
The First Podcast
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