Tailoring Education to Individual Needs with Special Guest Dani Palmer

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Tailoring Education to Individual Needs with Special Guest Dani Palmer

Episode -2

Tailored Education for All Subjects and Levels – with Special Guest Dani Palmer hosts Amy and Elisabeth delve into the complex world of personalized education. Drawing from their own experiences in the classroom, both as students and educators, they explore the evolving landscape of Special Educational Needs (SEN) support, highlighting the increasing demand and the delicate nuances involved in catering to these needs. Throughout the episode, the hosts interweave their perspectives with expert commentary, offering a comprehensive look at the importance of individualized learning approaches in modern education.

The conversation takes a reflective turn as Amy and Elisabeth recall their own school days, discussing the support they received and how it shaped their approach to teaching. This personal touch adds depth to the discussion, making it relatable to educators and students alike.

The episode then shifts focus to ‘Most Able’ students, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and addressing their unique educational needs. The hosts argue that while SEN students often receive much attention, ‘Most Able’ students also require specialized guidance to reach their full potential, especially in tutoring scenarios.

Bringing the discussion into the realm of online, one-to-one tuition, the episode features an engaging interview with Dani Palmer, a founder tutor at National Learning Group. Dani shares insights from her extensive experience in the classroom and as a seasoned online tutor. She discusses the challenges and triumphs of adapting to the digital education space, and how she tailors her approach to meet the diverse