Face-To-Face Tutoring Vs.
One-on-One Online Tutoring

Which is More Effective?

FeatureFace-to-Face Tutoring1:1 Online Tutoring (National Learning Group)
SchedulingFinding a time that works for both student and tutor can be tricky, especially with busy schedules. Evenings and weekends might be limited.Effortless scheduling, 24/7. Learn at your convenience, no need to coordinate with the tutor's availability.
LocationLimited to tutors in your local area. You might not find a qualified tutor for specialised subjects.Access a vast pool of subject-specific tutors across the UK. Perfect tutor match regardless of location.
Travel & CostsFactor in travel time and potential petrol costs.Learn from anywhere with an internet connection. Eliminates travel time and expense.
Learning ResourcesRelies on physical resources like textbooks and whiteboards, limiting variety and flexibility.Extensive library of digital resources: interactive tools, practice exercises, multimedia content, online learning platforms.
SafeguardingBackground checks may vary depending on the tutor. Limited control over the learning environment.Rigorous Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on all tutors. Secure online learning platform with strict safeguarding protocols to ensure your child's safety.
Rapport BuildingFace-to-face interaction can foster strong student-tutor connections.Experienced tutors build rapport through engaging online interactions and effective communication.
Focus & DistractionsFamiliar environment can minimise distractions for some students.Online environment can be tailored to minimise distractions, promoting focused learning.
FeedbackFeedback might be delayed until the next session.Real-time feedback through online tools for faster learning improvement.

National Learning Group
Innovation Beyond Convenience

While face-to-face tutoring offers a traditional approach, National Learning Group goes above and beyond:

FeatureTraditional Face-to-FaceNational Learning Group 1:1 Online Tutoring
Vetting ProcessWhen considering face-to-face tutoring, ensuring the safety and suitability of each tutor who enters your home is paramount. This can involve extensive vetting and reference checks on your end, creating an additional burden. National Learning Group eliminates this concern. All our tutors undergo rigorous Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, exceeding basic requirements. Our secure online platform provides a safe and monitored learning environment, giving you peace of mind that your child is protected.
Unwavering SupportTraditional face-to-face tutoring often necessitates your presence in the home while the session takes place. While this offers some comfort, it limits your flexibility.National Learning Group empowers you with true peace of mind. Our award-winning company implements strict safeguarding protocols in our secure online platform. Experienced professional staff monitor lesson delivery, ensuring interactivity and a positive learning experience, even in your absence.
The Perfect MatchThis personalised approach surpasses the limitations of face-to-face tutoring, where finding the ideal tutor on your own can be a time-consuming and challenging process.Matching your child with the ideal tutor is crucial for academic success. At National Learning Group, we have a team of experienced ex-tutors who understand the intricacies of both learning and teaching. This team meticulously assesses your child's individual needs and learning style, then carefully selects the perfect tutor to optimise their academic journey.
Uninterrupted LearningLife can be unpredictable. Sometimes, face-to-face tutors might need to relocate or experience schedule changes, disrupting your child's learning. This necessitates the arduous task of finding and integrating a new tutor.National Learning Group offers a seamless solution. With our extensive network of hundreds of qualified tutors, our dedicated allocation team ensures a smooth transition in case of unforeseen circumstances. Your child's learning remains uninterrupted, and they can continue to thrive with minimal disruption.

National Learning Group
Putting Your Child's Safety First

Your child’s safety is our top priority. That’s why we take safeguarding seriously:

National Learning Group
Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Don’t settle for limitations. National Learning Group offers a powerful and innovative online tutoring solution that empowers students to reach their full potential in a safe, engaging, and convenient environment.

Learning Perspectives: In-Person vs. Online Tuition

In this insightful episode of ‘Let’s Talk Learning,’ join us as we delve into the age-old debate: in-person versus online tuition. Our special guest, Emily, brings a unique perspective, having experienced traditional in-person maths tuition as a child and now thriving in the finance world. She shares personal anecdotes highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of in-person tutoring while shedding light on the convenience and effectiveness of online learning. Tune in to gain valuable insights into choosing the right learning environment for you or your child.

Frequently Asked Question

Got a question that we haven’t covered? Please get in touch with us and we would be happy to answer any queries you have.

Absolutely! National Learning Group’s online platform offers a dynamic and engaging learning environment with interactive tools, real-time feedback, and a vast library of digital resources. This can be just as effective, or even more effective, than traditional face-to-face tutoring which relies on static materials. Additionally, our tutors are experts at building rapport with students through online communication, ensuring a positive learning experience.

Your child’s safety is our top priority. All National Learning Group tutors undergo rigorous Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. We also utilize a secure online platform with strict safeguarding protocols to protect your child’s privacy and information.

The online learning environment can actually be tailored to minimize distractions. Unlike a classroom setting, online sessions can eliminate background noise and disruptions. Tutors can also utilize engaging online tools and keep lessons interactive to maintain your child’s focus.

One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring with National Learning Group is the access to a vast pool of subject-specific tutors across the UK. You’re no longer limited to tutors in your local area. We can connect your child with the perfect tutor, regardless of location, ensuring they receive expert guidance in their specific subject.

Online tutoring can often be more affordable than traditional face-to-face tutoring. National Learning Group offers competitive rates, and you eliminate the added costs of travel time and petrol associated with face-to-face sessions.

Absolutely! We understand the need for flexibility and accommodate various schedules, allowing sessions to fit into your child’s routine.

Yes, our tutors provide targeted exam preparation strategies and valuable study techniques to enhance retention and understanding.

We employ regular assessments and progress tracking to monitor your child’s development, adjusting our approach to maximise improvement.

Yes, we offer supplementary materials, practice exercises, and access to a wealth of biology resources to support learning outside sessions.