New Lesson Platform

Student Instructions!

Exciting news! Starting Tuesday, 19th March, we are levelling up your learning experience with our custom-designed lesson platform called Pencil Spaces, which will fully replace Zoom. This innovative environment is packed with enhanced resources, enabling our tutors to deliver superior lessons.

We’re confident you’ll find the new platform more engaging and effective. Through thorough testing, we’ve tailored it to meet your educational needs brilliantly, and are excited for you to try it!

Below are the instructions for accessing your lessons on the new platform. As per usual, you’ll receive an email containing your lesson link 12 hours before your session from Tuesday onwards. Note that this will be a new, permanent link different from the previous Zoom link, so feel free to save or bookmark the link.

Steps 1


Either click the link from your tutor, or go to This works best using Google Chrome, however it will run on other browsers. 

Here you will be prompted to create a login. You can choose an Email and create a password, or you are able to login with Google, Facebook or Microsoft. Each student will need an individual login

screen 1 a
Steps 2


Once logged in, and you have clicked the link from your lesson reminder email, you will enter your tutors ‘waiting room.’ From here, your tutor will admit you to the lesson space when the lesson begins. 

You tutor can send you a message to you if running late, and when the lesson starts, you will automatically be moved into the lesson space. 

screen 2
Steps 3


Once your lesson begins, the tutor will start the call. Click the green button to join, and you will be able to see and speak to your tutor. Have a great lesson! 

step 3

Once the lesson is over, simply click the red ‘hang-up icon below the videos, or your tutor will end the call for you. 

That’s it! We are sure you will have a great experience on this new platform, and we 
continue to be committed to supporting our tutors to deliver the best possible quality of lessons.

We always appreciate feedback, so feel free to call us anytime on 01434 239069 to talk about the platform, or if you need any support. 

There is a 24/7 online live chat available if you have any issues. Simply click ‘Help’ at the top right of the screen and send a message. Someone will typically reply straight away, 24/7.

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