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For kS1 / KS2
  • Introduction to basic language skills (letters, numbers, colors, shapes)
  • Social interaction and group activities
  • Fine motor skill development (drawing, painting, cutting)
  • Introduction to simple problem-solving activities
  • Preparation for routines and structure similar to primary school

For Ages 5-11
  • Advanced language skills (reading comprehension, writing fluency)
  • Mathematics foundation (basic operations, problem-solving)
  • Introduction to scientific concepts through hands-on experiments
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills development
  • Social and emotional intelligence enhancement
  • Transition preparation for increased independence and academic rigor of secondary school
For Ages 11-16
  • Comprehensive review of key subject areas (Mathematics, English, Science, etc.)
  • Test-taking strategies and time management techniques
  • Practice exams and mock assessments
  • Revision of essential concepts and topics
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Guidance on study schedules and resources to optimise preparation
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