Comprehensive Guide to
11 Plus Exam Preparation 2024:
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Preparing for the 11 plus exam is the first significant step in your child’s academic journey towards attending a prestigious grammar school. At National Learning Group, we’re dedicated to supporting each student through this critical phase with bespoke tutoring that ensures readiness and confidence.

Choosing the Ideal School
The process begins with identifying the right grammar school that matches your child’s personality and academic goals. We recommend arranging visits to potential schools to get a real feel for the environment and ethos. This hands-on approach helps in selecting a school where your child will thrive.

Important Dates for the 11+ Exam

  • April to July 2024: Registration for the 11+ exam opens in April. Deadlines to register typically fall between June and July. Note: In Buckinghamshire, all primary students are automatically registered with an option for parents to opt-out.

  • Early September 2024: The 11+ exams are administered primarily within the first two weeks of September, although a few schools might conduct them in October. Always verify the exact dates with the schools you are interested in.

  • Mid-October 2024: Results from the 11+ exams are released.

  • March 1, 2025: Confirmation of school placements.

  • September 2025: The academic year commences for Year 7 students at the grammar schools.

Why Choose a Grammar School?

Grammar schools are known for their academic excellence, offering an environment where like-minded, highly capable students can excel. These schools use the 11+ exam to ensure that their students are of a similar academic standard, which allows for a more focused and enriched educational experience.

Understanding the 11+ Exam

The 11+ exam is an entrance test primarily taken at the start of Year 6, assessing key skills in English, maths, and reasoning. The format can vary by location but generally includes both verbal and non-verbal reasoning components, aiming to identify students’ potential for grammar school success.

Effective Preparation Strategies

The right preparation strategy depends significantly on your child’s existing academic level and learning style. Some children might require a comprehensive review, while others could need more focused practice closer to the exam date. Our experts at National Learning Group provide personalised tutoring plans that build on each student’s strengths and address their weaknesses.

The Role of a Tutor

Utilising a tutor from National Learning Group can dramatically enhance your child’s preparation. Our tutors are not only experts in the 11+ content but are adept at engaging students in a manner that boosts confidence and academic prowess. They provide targeted support that prepares students not just for the exam, but for future academic challenges.

If the Exam Doesn’t Go as Planned

Should the results not meet expectations, there are always steps to take, from appealing the decision to preparing for later exams such as the 12+ or 13+. Our focus is on ensuring that every student can progress confidently, regardless of the hurdles.

At National Learning Group, we view the preparation for the 11+ exam as more than just academic training—it’s about building a foundation for lifelong learning and success. Let us help your child navigate this journey with ease and confidence.

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