Year 6 SATs
What to Expect:
Key Dates Support Tips 

The National Learning Group wishes to inform parents that the Year 6 SATs will commence on May 13th. As the first formal examination experience for your children, it’s crucial to approach this period with understanding and support to help them navigate this milestone confidently.

Key Points for Year 6 SATs

  • Dates and Structure: The tests begin on May 13th, covering subjects including English (reading and grammar, punctuation, and spelling) and Mathematics. These exams are spread over four days, starting with reading, followed by mathematics and spelling assessments.
  • Importance of the Tests: SATs are not merely assessments of your child’s learning but also crucial indicators that schools use to ensure the right support is in place for the transition to secondary education.
  • Previous Challenges: Historically, national results have shown particular challenges in areas such as spelling and mathematical reasoning. Last year, less than 70% of students reached the expected standard in mathematics, with common difficulties in problem-solving and reasoning questions.

How to Support Your Child:

  • Regular Revision: Encourage a balanced study routine that doesn’t overwhelm them, focusing on both strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Practice Papers: Utilise past papers or sample questions, especially in areas where students typically struggle.
  • Wellbeing Focus: Ensure your child has a healthy balance of rest, recreational activities, and study. Emotional support is just as important as academic preparation.
  • Communication: Keep in touch with your child’s teachers to monitor progress and receive tailored advice that suits your child’s needs.

As this is the first significant test for many children, it’s natural for them to feel apprehensive. NLG is committed to supporting our students through these challenges with comprehensive resources and guidance. For more information on how we can assist your child’s preparation, please contact us. Remember, we are in this together to ensure that your child not only succeeds but excels.

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